Useful Information on Zanzibar


Time in Zanzibar
Just like Tanzania, Zanzibar is three hours in the advance of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3). It doesn’t operate daylight saving time, and consequently there’s no time difference between Zanzibar’s summer and winter months.

Currency in Zanzibar
Zanzibar’s currency is the Tanzanian shilling (TZS). Currently (Aug 2015) US$1 = Tsh1800 – Most lodges on Zanzibar charge in US$ and Euros; very few will take travellers’ cheques, although most accept credit cards (they may charge 5% additional fee to do so).

Buying Tanzanian shillings in Europe or America can be hard; most travellers will buy local currency on arrival in Tanzania or Zanzibar in the many local money changes around Stone Town. ATMs are often down so get some cash in advance upon arrival.

Zanzibar’s International Dialling Code
The International Dialling Code for Tanzania and Zanzibar is +255, followed by the destination’s phone number. Calling from Zanzibar, you dial 00 plus the relevant country code.

Food in Zanzibar
The food served in Zanzibar’s beach lodges in generally very good, focusing on what’s locally available. There are some good restaurants in Stone Town, mainly serving local dishes, seafood and curries, seasoned with the island’s exotic spices; outside of Stone Town, the choices are limited. Drinks include Tanzanian beers (Tusker, Kilimanjaro and Safari), as well as imported beer and wine from South Africa.

Fun with Kids
Zanzibar is a very child friendly and hospitable place for families. Take tem to see the Colobus monkeys of Josani, visit a traditional african village or just introduce them to snorkling in our crystal clear water. Contact us to learn more about different child friendly hotels in Zanzibar. Many places have kids corners, feeding chairs, baby sitting services etc.

Zanzibar is no different from other parts of the Africa/World. Excessive displays of jewelery or money will tempt undesirable elements. Do not leave valuables lying around, use the SAFE provided by the hotel. Walking around in unfamiliar streets of the Stone Town or on the beaches during dark hours with camera/ money  is not recommended.