Jozani Forest & Prison Island

Jozani Forest is part of the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park is a 50 Km2 expanse thriving with a wealth of native wildlife in diverse forms – from swamp forest to evergreen thicket and mangrove. In this sanctuary, you can spend a couple of hours wandering amidst the exotic vegetation, closely sight the indigenous flora and approach the Red Colobus monkeys that are endemic to Unguja. Good-natured and good-humoured, they allow visitors to get close them as they frolic playfully

Afterwards, a relaxing motor boat trip will take you to Prison Island. The island takes its name from the prison that was built there in 1893. At a later stage, the buildings served as a quarantine hospital. The sea trip offers the opportunity to catch a view of historical Stone Town.

Today, only the ruins of the building remain from these days as well as a frangipani lined path around the island where the former patients took their evening walks.

The excursion allows ample time to stroll around, venture into the forested interior, swim, sunbathe or go snorkeling at leisure. The island’s lagoon and white sandy beaches are alluring.

Here you can admire of beautiful peacocks flaunting their spectacular tail of feathers as well catch a close view of giant century old Seychelles tortoises.

Full-day excursion. Starting around 8:30 am to 17:00pm

You may choose a private excursion, which allows you to set your desired time of departure. However, for higher chances of being welcome by the monkeys in Jozani Forest – it is better to pay them a visit in the morning.

It is advisable to wear walking shoes and a hat or cap and to bring your sunscreen and insect repellent as well as swim gear and towel. Not to forget of course: your camera to capture the treasure trove of natural beauty you will come across. You might also want to bring some money to buy souvenirs on the way.

Lunch is not included but can be provided for a supplement. Food and beverages are also on sale on Prison Island.