Stone Town Visit & Mtoni Palace Recital

Starting mid-afternoon this excursion takes you for some 3 and a half hours through historical Stone Town to take a walk down Zanzibar’s memory lane in the company of our knowledgeable guide.

In the early 19th century, under the rule of Omani Arabs, Zanzibar was East Africa’s major slave trading hub strategically located between the mainland and their final destinations, namely Oman and Persia, Seychelles and Mauritius.

The historical section of Stone Town, called the old town is an acknowledged UNESCO World Heritage. Its narrow streets and most of the houses bordering these are more than one and a half centuries old and stand witness to times bygone.

Stone Town Visit is composed of a series of attention-grabbing visits. It includes the ancient slave market and cells, the National Museum, the House of Wonders, the Old fort, the Sultan’s Palace as well as cathedrals and mosques.

Around 17h45, gather for transfer to Mtoni Palace ruins, one of the most ancient buildings of the island. Mtoni Palace was the largest of Zanzibar under Sultan Sayyid Said’s reign. Today, the well-informed excursion of the ruins offers visitors a glimpse into the life of Arabian royalty living there centuries back. A show of living history, starting at 6 pm, enhances the insight, followed by a performance of traditional melodies and dances. Set in a magical candle-lit and incense perfumed atmosphere, the spectacular show summons up the fantasy world of the Arabian Nights and sends you travelling back through time.

From afternoon into the evening, count some 5 hours, starting from 13h to end around 20h30

It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and to bring a warm piece of clothing just in case the evening gets cooler or breezy. You might also want to bring some money if you wish to buy souvenirs and local handicraft and artifacts.

An array of Swahili traditional snacks will be served during the evening.

A share of the revenue of the performance goes to the Mtoni Palace Conservation Project, towards the restoration of the Palace.