Safari in Tanzania


There are many National Parks in Tanzania that, a difference is made between the ‘Northern Circuit’ and the ‘Southern Circuit’.

The Northern Circuit, which includes famous areas such as the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, is more frequently visited, but therefore also more touristic.

Away from the more famous landscapes of the Serengeti, the wilds of southern Tanzania are home to some of the last untouched wilderness areas left in East Africa. Amongst the rich game-lands of the Selous and the Ruaha, you can find populations of elephant, wild dogs, antelope and big cats that are equal to anything on the continent.

From Kilimanjaro climbs, camping to to luxury safaris, our reservation team has perfect knowledge about African wildlife, culture and history. Our packages also introduce you to the many cultures in the region, from the Hadzabe people, the last bushmen in Africa, to the proud Maasai.

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